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In Virginia, contractors design and implement kitchen renovation projects to update the property. These strategies increase the property’s value and provide more functionality for the space. As they perform the kitchen remodeling northern Virginia, they follow these vital steps.

Demo the Kitchen

The contractor starts by removing all cabinets. Next, they remove the window and entryway trim. They use putty knives to remove them quickly.

They shut down the power. They disconnect all connections to the wiring. Wire nuts are used to close off exposed wiring to prevent injuries.

Existing paneling and walls are removed to extend the space. Sledgehammers are used to demo the walls quickly. All unwanted materials are placed in dumpsters.

Replace Old Kitchen Plumbing

The contractor updates all galvanized plumbing. They install new shutoff valves for the sink and refrigerators. They install new connections for the stove.

Install New Electrical Systems Including Lighting

All wiring is replaced according to standards. They install new connections for lighting, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. They convert 120-volt connections to 220 volts as needed. They establish new connections for range hoods and dimmer switches included in the new design.

Install New Drywall, Prep, and Paint

The next step of the kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA is the drywall installation. One and one-quarter inch screws are used. Putty is applied over the screws and edges. They sand it to create a smooth surface.

The door facings are taped and the area is prepped for painting. The contractor paints the walls and ceiling. These areas are sanded after the first coat to ensure that the surface remains smooth. A second coat is applied. Next, they paint the door facings.

Install the New Flooring System

Next, the flooring is installed. Common choices for kitchens are bamboo, wood, epoxy, and linoleum. The contractor follows the manufacturer’s recommendations for these installations. This strategy secures the warranty for the flooring choice.

Install Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplash

The contractor installs the cabinets based on the new design. All doors are installed after the cabinetry is installed. The last step is to connect the knobs and drawers.

The countertop installation is the next step of the kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA. The contractor acquired the measurements for the countertops after the demo was completed. Once the countertop is completed, the backsplash is installed. Tiles require grout to hold them securely. If the homeowner chose tin, the contractor secures it with screws and covers them with appropriate hardware.

Position All Appliances and Hardware

The final stage of the project involves the placement of the appliances. All electrical, gas, and plumbing components are connected to these appliances. The contractor tests these installations to ensure top performance levels. Next, the hardware including the sink basin and faucets are installed.

In Virginia, homeowners undergo renovation projects to improve their property. These new designs afford them with brilliant solutions for outdated styles. They also present an increase in value and vital new installations. Homeowners who want Virginia kitchen and bath renovations contact contractors now.