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Avoiding Common Mistakes in Virginia Beach Kitchen Remodeling Projects

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As homes age, kitchens and bathrooms start to show wear and obsolescence. Kitchen remodeling is the first area of the house you might want to start. The family living in a house may decide to upgrade and remodel their Virginia kitchen and bathrooms. These two areas are well worth remodeling and will add value to the property. Kitchen cabinets can play a huge part in the design. The family can attend a Kitchen and bath expo near them to get remodeling ideas. A kitchen or bathroom that is remodeled properly will give the family great value. But, design mistakes in the remodeling project can lower the home value.

All kitchen and bath Virginia Beach remodeling projects should be well designed to be successful. It is very important to measure the room and all items going into it very carefully to avoid wasting money and time on the project. Getting 90% done with a ceramic tile floor and running out of tile is no fun. So, careful planning and measuring are really important. Hiring a remodeling contractor with a good track record can save the homeowner time and money in the long run. Other remodeling mistakes to avoid include:

Common Mistakes

  • Trying to be one’s own general contractor when the homeowner does not have the experience or knowledge required for remodeling a home. Professionals are needed for plumbing and electrical work and more.
  • Hiring the wrong contractor. Get references and ask for proof of license and insurance. Interview each possible contractor and hire the one who will be easiest to get along with and instills the most confidence.
  • Have a complete plan and detailed specifications before hiring a contractor. Specify all the materials such as countertop material, flooring, lighting, cabinet sizes, and appliances, etc. The bid will not be accurate without good specifications. This can be an expensive mistake.
  • Design the new kitchen or bathroom to meet the family needs and budget, not to keep up to or impress the neighbors.
  • Cutting corners on important materials and appliances can be a costly mistake. Quality lasts longer and looks better.
  • Change orders are expensive for kitchen and bathroom remodels. Stick to the original plan. It will save time and money.
  • When designing a kitchen or bathroom, design it for the family living in the home, not future buyers. Be careful not to over customize and think about what will work now and ten years from now. A kitchen planner can help design a kitchen remodeling Virginia beach project.
  • Have a material list made out before going to the building supply store and stick to it. Budgets can easily be blown by homeowners who get tempted to buy unneeded tools and extras every time they go for more building materials.

Kitchen Remodeling Money Savers

  • Shop wisely for appliances. Stainless steel looks beautiful but is really expensive. Would white finish be acceptable at a big savings? There are stainless steel look finishes that are less expensive also. If the homeowner must have stainless steel, try shopping at appliance outlet stores for last years models or ones with small scratches or dents.
  • Save money on custom cabinets by planning wisely. Consider carefully designing the kitchen to use good quality ready made cabinets, use some open shelving, or fit in a walk in pantry.
  • Countertops are an area of the kitchen that can really eat up the budget. Save money by using an alternative to expensive granite like soapstone, marble, or ceramic tile. Do a little shopping around at countertop suppliers for especially good bargains that will still work in the kitchen decor. Use the more expensive countertop in the most visible areas and a less expensive alternative for less visible countertops.
  • Not everyone can afford to knock down walls to make a more open kitchen. Get that lighter, more open effect with good lighting, lighter paint color, flooring and appliances, and attractive cabinet hardware. Good design can make a smaller space look roomy and bright.

If the homeowner does not feel confident in their design skills for kitchen remodeling Virginia beach or bathroom remodeling Virginia projects, it is best to hire a remodeling contractor who has a designer on staff to help customers make the right design choices. For more information on home remodeling, go to the website.