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In Virginia, homeowners approach kitchen remodeling projects with a budget in mind. This budget reflects the full cost that is affordable for the homeowner. It also includes all changes and modifications for the living space. The median cost for kitchen remodeling northern Virginia is between $18,907 and $56,901. To find an affordable solution for the room, the homeowner must define a budget that falls within this range.

Cabinetry Removal and Installations

During kitchen renovations, cabinetry is removed and new products are installed. These new designs require a carpenter to custom build the cabinets and install them according to the room design. The complete cost of these services ranges between $117 and $140 for each linear foot of cabinetry installed. Countertops to match the cabinetry are calculated per linear foot as well. The average price is around $600.

Demo and Carpentry Installations

Demolition is performed by the carpenters or the renovation contractor. The median cost for these services equates to $70 an hour. The contractor estimates the full duration of these requirements. However, they present a more accurate estimate for completion with access to the property’s blueprints.

Plumbing Updates and New Installations

After demo is complete, the plumbers remove galvanized piping and replace it with updated choices. The cost for replacing the faucet ranges between $150 and $325. Labor costs include disconnections and removal of the fixture and connecting piping. It also includes connections to the exterior water lines and restoration for damaged walls surrounding the pipes. The cost of this service ranges between $260 and $350. The materials for the replacement cost an average of $25. The cost for the basin installation, however, spans the cost up to an average of $380.

Drywall Installation, Preparation, and Painting Services

This portion of the kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA begins with the drywall installation. The median cost for drywall is roughly $2 for each square foot installed. Sheetrock costs span up to $60 per panel.

Painters charge an average of $30 per hour. If the kitchen requires painting for the walls and ceiling, the average cost is around $200. However, if the homeowner needs the cabinetry stained, the cost could range up to $1,000.

The Installation of Major Appliances

The installation cost for the major appliances during the kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA depends on the homeowner’s choices. If they choose energy-efficient products the costs begin with an average of $500 for the range. Dishwashers can range up to $600. Refrigerators cost an average of $600. The price for an energy-efficient microwave is an average of $400. These prices don’t include disposal fees for the appliances, which can increase these estimates.

In Virginia, homeowners hire contractors based on the quality of their work, skill, and estimated costs. When calculating these cost, the contractor breaks down the project based on its individualized requirements. Homeowners who need an estimate for a Virginia kitchen and bath renovation contact a contractor now.